Another one of President Trump's promises was to help stop abortions by takings actions such as defunding Planned Parenthood and appointing pro life Supreme Court judges. The latest official statistics as Donald Trump was voted in President showed 652,639 abortions in 2014. What actions are taken by the President to keep this promise?

UPDATE: Abortion rates in the United States are at a historic low, according to the latest data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

1/23/17: President Trump signed an executive order blocking foreign aid or federal funding (reinstating the Mexico City Policy) also known as the Global Gag Rule, for international nongovernmental organizations that provide or "promote" abortions. This executive order reversed the policy that President Obama had previously reinstated back in 2009. This order does not directly deal with the the pro life vs pro choice debate. Instead it simply states that American tax payers should not foot the bill for abortions or abortion promotion, especially when it includes foreign organizations. And considering the average cost of an abortion is about $600 there is little excuse as to why tax payers would have to pay for anyone's abortion. Especially when there are various types of a payment resources available such as payment plans, personal loans, family and friends help, crowd funding sites even credit cards. It comes down to people being accountable for their own actions. We should also mention a  popular question that has been brought up in this debate issue. If pro-abortion activists do not want the government interfering with their rights to choose abortion then why are they OK with the government interfering to pay for their abortions? 

3/7/17: Sticking with his stance of non funded taxpayer abortions, President Trump offered to maintain federal funding for Planned Parenthood if the group stopped providing abortions. Planned Parenthood declined citing that "federal money already is not allowed to be used for abortion". However video evidence and other statistics say otherwise. As explained above we agree with President Trump that tax payers should not be forced to pay for tax funded abortions.

4/14/17: President Donald Trump signed a bill that allows states to withhold federal money from organizations that provide abortion services, including Planned Parenthood.

​10/6/17:  The Trump administration rolled back ObamaCare contraceptive mandate (which already has been the subject of multiple legal challenges) which forced employers that provide health insurance to cover contraceptives. “No American should be forced to violate his or her own conscience in order to abide by the laws and regulations governing our health care system,” said HHS press secretary Caitlin Oakley. “Today’s actions affirm the Trump administration’s commitment to upholding the freedoms afforded all Americans under our Constitution.”. We support thie decision based on one simple question: Why would any American have to be forced to pay for someone else's contraceptives? Especially when considering the alternative choice of condoms which are very inexpensive, safe and 98% effective with both pregnancy and STDs. Compared to contraceptives success rate of only 91% with pregnancy and 0% effectives against STDs.

12/7/17: The Justice Department launched a federal investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices and the sale of fetal tissue from late term abortions.

​12/29/17: The actual number of abortion facilities decreased by 27 clinics over 2016 totals. A total of 49 abortion facilities closed or halted abortions in 2017. This was partly due to Trump's support of laws supporting pro life. 

1/14/18: For the fourth time in four months, Trump administration officials have refused to let an undocumented immigrant teenager seek an abortion, forcing her to sue to get one.

1/18/18: Trump is the first sitting President in 45 years to address an anti abortion march. The March for Life annual event, held since 1974 in Washington, protests the "Roe v. Wade" decision dismissing many restrictions on abortion across the U.S.

2/8/18: Under Trump's first year in office states passed more than 50 pro-life laws to save babies from abortion.