President Trump's victory on Novmber 8, 2016 came with taking over a challenged American education system that spent $12,731 per student (fifth highest in the entire world) but lags far behind in academic achievment and a very unpopular federally mandated Commom Core program. How will Trump try to improve the American education system?

4/26/17: President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at decreasing the role of the federal government in education while giving states and local school districts more power over decision-making. This was a big first step in the right direction to giving local communities the power to improve education performances. Like in many cases, the federal government is failing miserably when it comes to managing effectively. 

​6/26/17: President Donald Trump donated the second quarter of his salary to the Department of Education.

​9/25/17: President Donald Trump signed a memorandum to expand access to STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math). The memorandum directed at least $200 million a year to technology education grants for women and minorities.

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