Trump​​​​​​​​​​​​​  Scorecard


Although President Obama did his best to slow the oil production in America with many regulations, ironically, the greatest oil boom in this nation's history came during his tenure. He also added many restrictions on other natiral energy sources. President Trump made a campaign pledge to end federal energy restrictions and also increase oil drilling in America. Trump also vowed to "Unleash American energy dominance

UPDATE: Under Trump's tenure America is on the verge of becoming a net exporter of energy, specially natural gas AND renewable energy has grown faster than expected.

1/24/17: President Donald Trump signed an executive order advancing the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.Why do we agree with President Trump's decision here? Let's take a look.

1:First off, these projects will create thousands of new jobs, including permanent ones. 
2: It makes America less dependent on foreign Middle Eastern oil.

3: Natural gas has driven energy costs to record lows.
​4: It is currently the best energy alternative........... 
​Wind energy is unreliable, expensive and utterly impractical. Not to mention it kills 

an estimated 300,000 birds, eagles and bats each year. Wind energy turbines can be set up only in certain locations. They are noisy and an eyesore and depend on the speed of wind which is unpredictable causing them to function usually at a capacity of 30% or so. 

Most all can agree that solar energy is the best energy source option. But the technology is just not there yet. Although it is moving quickly in the right direction.

So in the meantime how are humans supposed to heat their homes and drive to work? By using clean, non foreign oil drilling technology such as the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. ​To see how we grade this decision based on the environment jump over to our Environment page.

1/30/17: Ironically the protesters that claim the pipelines will hurt the environment left massive amounts of garbage and set destructive fires at the very site they were protesting to protect.

4/28/17: Trump signed an executive order implementing an "America-First Offshore Energy Strategy". The order reverses a ban on Arctic leasing put in place under the Obama administration in December and directs Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to review areas available for off-shore oil and gas exploration. “We are unleashing American energy and clearing the way for thousands and thousands of high-paying American energy jobs,” President Trump said during the announcement.

10/5/17: Renewable energy has grown faster than expected.