​​​​​​​​     Trump Score Card


1/24/17: President Donald Trump signed an executive order advancing both the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. In doing so, Trump kept one of his many campaign promises and also guaranteed creation of many new jobs. So the move was good for the jobs industry, economy and energy sector. And we lay out the case on our Energy Page why we believe oil drilling is currently the most effective energy solution. But as far as the environment is concerned? That still remains to be seen. Unfortunately there have been too many pipeline accidents in America in just the last 16 years (start of the the 21st century). Hopefully there are no accidents with these two new pipelines. 

However the actions of the pipeline protesters should be mentioned. Not only did they set over 20 fires, including burning two children, they also left massive amounts of garbage at the very site they were protesting to protect.

2/16:17: Trump signs repeal of Obama's coal mining regulations. Again, the good news here is that President Trump kept his promise and will save many jobs for the American people. Jump over to our Jobs Page to see the effect this action has on the jobs industry. However, let's face it. Coal is bad for the environment. Coal contains sulfur and other elements, including dangerous metals such as mercury, lead, and arsenic, that escape into the air when coal is burned. Burning coal also produces particulates that increase air pollution and health dangers. But by far, the biggest problem is the enormous amount of carbon dioxide emitted. According to the EPA, coal contributes 31 percent of all CO2, the largest of any source. Coal mining is the second highest emitter of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. and its emissions is linked to increased rates of asthma and lung cancer. Although clean coal technology is being developed that technology isn't coming fast enough to help reduce the current negative affects coal has on the environment.