​​​​​​​​​​     Trump Score Card


From day one of his 2016 Presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to hold the media responsible for their "dishonest" reporting. And the American people agreed. In fact 65% of voters believe there is a lot of fake news in the mainstream media. And it is easy to see why. Study after study has shown the media to be unprecedently biased:
1: It was confirmed that 19 out of every 20 (96%) campaign dollars donated by the media was given to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
2: Wikileaks exposed the media for colluding with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party on various occasions.
3: A scientist developed algorithm using an unbiased computer confirmed liberal media bias.

4: A research showed only 7% of journalists identify as Republicans. And also showed self-proclaimed Democratic journalists outnumber Republicans by 4-to-1.

5: A study showed President Trump getting 89% of negative coverage.

​6: Harvard University (known to have liberal views) came out with a major study that proved the media had an overwhelming 80% overall negative coverage on President Trump in his first 100 days in office. Some networks had a shocking 98% of negative coverage against Trump. Fox News was the most fair and balanced.

​7:  A wide-reaching new study from the Media Research Center found 91 % of the recent coverage was negative against Trump.

​8: According to the reputable Pew Research Center only 5% of news reports cover President Trump in positive matter, the most negative presidential voverage in 25 years

​-Undoubtedly the king of fakes news stories is the "Trump/Russian Collusion". The mainstream media consistently and repeatedly reported  "Trump-Russian ties"  for over a year. The problem however is that the facts state otherwise...that there was no evidence or proof. This was confirmed by the following parties:
A: The FBI 

B: President Obama’s Intelligence Chief  Jame Clapper .

C: Dianne Feinstein Senior Democrat Senator, found absolutely no evidence. 

D: Several other top Democrats also confirmed there was no evidence.
E: Former FBI Director  (fired by President Trump) stated, not only  "Trump didn’t ask me to stop the investigation" but also stated Trump was never under investigation three times. James Comey also stated, while testifying under oath, that many of the news stories about Russia are "just dead wrong".

F: CNN's producer was caught on video saying the "Russia/Trump investigation is "mostly bullshit" and "The President was right to say look you are witch hunting me"

G: CNN's high profile employee, (Van Jones is one of CNN's most prominent political commentators, and has appeared on CNN in the past attacking President Trump for his "Putin relationship) was caught on video stating "The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger"

H: Multiple news outlets finally retracted their original fake claim that ‘17 US agencies’ confirmed Russian DNC email hack.

And just for icing on the cake to put the final nail in the coffin on the fake Russian/Trump story was when it was proven that President Obama knew about Russia meddling in the U.S. Presidential election months before election day and did nothing about it. Obama went so far as to say "There is no serious person out there who would think that you could even rig the election" 

​G: Amazingly turned out the Obama administration knew the Russians were engaged in bribery, kickbacks and extortion in order to gain control of US atomic resources — yet still OK’d that 2010 deal to give Moscow control of one-fifth of America’s uranium. The FBI uncovered a Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow.

-Mainstream media reported the illegal immigration raids under President Trump's executive order in Feb 2016 was going after "innocent immigrants". However much of the media failed to mention the raids consisted of approximately three-fourths (75%) of the 680 arrested having prior criminal convictions. The mainstream media also failed to mention that a record number of people were deported during Obama's tenure as President.

​​-Media reporting that Donald Trump did not pay any taxes. However it turned out that Donald Trump paid $38 million in income taxes in 2005 alone. In fact Donald Trump paid a higher tax rate than Obama and Bernie Sanders that year. He also paid millions in property taxes. As far as income taxes? Well he simply used the legal tax laws in place to pay as little income taxes as possible citing "I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible". He did so by writing off his loses just like most every other American does. The truth is everyone who files their annual taxes attempts to pay as little as taxes as legally required by looking for a plethora of write offs. In fact 45% of Americans paid no federal income tax at all. Finally it should be point out at the same time Donald Trump was using the tax laws to pay as little taxes as possible, so were the big tech companies like Google and Facebook.

-Media falsely accusing, then GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump of mocking ​​the disability of a reporter. They conveniently failed to report Trump's history of making that same hand gesture for years when addressing several different people, including himself. Although in hindsight Donald Trump should have chosen a different method than his usual hand gesture mocking when speaking about reporter Serge Kovaleski. 

What made the media even look more biased and fake in the eyes of many was the fact that none of the mainstream media seemed to care when President Obama mocked the disabled Special Olympics.  

-The media was dreadfully inaccurate (and happily confident in doing so) predicting not only a victory for Hillary Clinton, but a landslide victory.

​- Once Donald Trump won the presidential election, the media seemed to seek out stories about how Trump supporters had "attacked" others. Turns out most of those stories have turned out to be exaggerations, not related to Trump, or just plain lies. In fact many argue that there is an epidemic of false reports of hate crimes in America. 

-The media consistently reported fake news about Trump supporters acting violent during Donald Trump's rallies. But the facts prove just the opposite:  
1: It was actually the liberal anarchists who were getting paid by powerful Democrat supporters such as George Soros to riot and disrupt the Trump rallies, including the fiasco in Chicago.

2: A sting video proved a Democratic organization was paying and providing anti Trump antagonists across the country.

3: Other several cases showed liberals attacking police horses

4: Liberal protesters also shown burning down buildings and other property.

5: Even firebombing a local GOP office.

6: Liberal groups have also made college campuses virtually no-go zones for conservatives. 

7: There have been a "mindblowing" list of attacks against conservatives by unhinged liberals.

It should be noted there are no cases documenting Trump supporters hurting horses, firebombing offices or burninhg down buildings and property. So far 212 anti-Trump rioters were arrested for felony rioting during President Trump’s inauguration and faced more than the 10 years in prison and $25,000 fines.

11/11/16: CNN caught for using their own cameraman acting as protester.

11/15/16: After Trump’s electoral victory on November 8, rumors began circulating that multiple transgender teenagers had killed themselves in response to the election results.

1/10/17: CNN chose to report about a scandalous tale of a Machiavellian Russian plot to blackmail Trump based on an utterly unsubstantiated 35-page report by a former intelligence source (who has since been named).  The story began to collapse the second it went up and within two days had fully imploded.

1/20/17: Time Magazine reporter reported that the Martin Luther King Jr. bust had been removed from the Oval Office by President Trump. Zeke Miller later apologized after the President corrected his fake report. Turned out the bust was never removed.

​1/20/17: CNN falsely reported that Nancy Sinatra was not happy Trump was using her father’s song at inauguration. Nancy Sinatra replied “That’s not true. I never said that. Why do you lie, CNN?”

2/3/17: At the start of February, which is Black History Month in the United States, Trump proclaimed the month “National African American History Month.”. TMZ claimed 

that a “senior administration official” said that Trump believed the term “black” to be outdated. The problem? It’s just not true. President Obama, for example, declared February “National African American History Month” as well. TMZ quickly updated their piece to fix their embarrassing error.

2/1/17: A Fox affiliate station out of Detroit reported that “A local business owner who flew to Iraq to bring his mother back home to the US for medical treatment said she was blocked from returning home under President Trump’s ban on immigration and travel from seven predominately Muslim nations. He said that while she was waiting for approval to fly home, she died from an illness.”. The Fox affiliate hadn’t bothered to do the necessary research to confirm or disprove the man’s account. 

2/13/17: Several journalists ran with reports suggesting, and alleging outright, that the American Olympian, Ibtihaj Muhammad was "detained because of President Trump's travel ban". However it was later proved that she was detained during President Obama's tenure

2/14/17: Both the New York Times and Newsmax reported on a fake Twitter account, erroneously quoting the account's claim about Trump's pick for national security advisor Michael Flynn

2/17/17: The Associated Press fakely reported President Trump was considering deploying approximately 100,000 National Guard units to round up illegal immigrants.

2/21/17: MTV News reporter admits joining President Trump protests.

2/22/17: Controlling "exactly what people think" is the job of the media, MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski boldly declared.

2/23/17: Project Veritas released over 200 hours of audio that exposed media malfeasance within CNN.

2/24/17: Media falsely reported that Trump supporters were waving Russian flags at the CPAC convention. It turned out to be a prank orchestrated by two left-wing activists who are

both associated with the protest group Americans Take Action. They were quickly ejected.

3/3/17:  Former journalist Juan Thompson was arrested on federal cyberstalking charges after the FBI traced multiple bomb threats against Jewish community centers and the Anti-Defamation League to the St. Louis native. Astoundingly his journalism work included blogs and tweets that called President Trump such names as "Hitler", "coward" and "incompetent".

3/8/17: Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary under President Barack Obama, said the media is overly sensitive. "Journalism, for an institution that is focused on critiquing people in power, is remarkably thin-skinned

​3/14/17:  The media outrage over the Trump administration’s decision to fire 46 federal prosecutors landed with a thud. They were quickly reminded that former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had done the same thing.

3/17/17: Media lashed out at President Trump for being heartless, among other things because they claimed his budget cut funding from Meals on Wheels. Well, not really. The fact is that only 3% of the Meals on Wheels budget nationally comes from the federal government. And only a portion of that 3% comes from the Community Development Block Grant that Trump cut. This grant is a federal boondoggle that’s largely been used for waste and fraud. It costs $3 billion per year. “The Federal Government has spent over $150 billion on this block grant since its inception in 1974, but the program is not well-targeted to the poorest populations and has not demonstrated results". So there you have it. The media fakely reporting that President Trump cut funding to Meals on Wheels.

3/22/17: Mainstream media reporting fakes news that there was no evidence of President Trump being wired tapped by the previous Obama administration. They even went so far to call it a conspiracy theory. However House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes revealed that communications of President Donald Trump and associates may have been picked up after the election by intelligence agencies conducting surveillance of foreign targets. In fact it was reported that one of Obama's top administration members, Susan Rice, (ex National Security Advisor) could be facing criminal charges for unmasking the names of Trump transition team members from surveillance of foreign officials. 

3/29/17: Much of the mainstream and online media fakely reported that President Trump "erased LGBTQ people" from the US Census. But the fact is the Census has never included questions about sexual orientation and gender identity in its surveys.  It onlys surveys gender, age, race, ethnicity, relationship and homeownership status. And that is the way it should stay. Why would anyone care what another's sexual orientation is? 

4/20/17:  New Engladnd Patriots calls out the The New York Times for a fake news tweet. NY Time jumped a bit too fast and faced some backlash because of it. The issue came about when the sports section shared this picture showing an apparent discrepancy between the size of the Patriots crowd in its 2015 visit (Obama Presidency) to the White House vs. its 2017 (Trump Presidency) visit.

5/8/17: A viral video that purportedly showed a young girl telling President Trump he's a "disgrace" had hundreds of thousands of retweets on Twitter, but was fake. A clip from the Comedy Central series "The President Show" was shared by hundreds of thousands of people on social media. The clip showed a Trump impersonator and show host Anthony Atamanuik from behind and is cropped to hide Comedy Central's logo. The impersonation fooled thousands of Twitter users, who angrily responded to the fake Trump's words.

5/12/17: Anderson Cooper of CNN, who fakely claims to be unbiased, was caught rolling his eyes during a live television interview with Kellyanne Conway (President Trump's former campaign manager  and current Counselor to Donald Trump).

5/13/17: MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski didn't hold back with her biased political views when saying “You’ve got to stop putting Kellyanne on the air,” Brzezinski said, addressing CNN. “It’s politics porn. You’re just getting your little ratings crack, OK, but it’s disgusting.”

5/24/17:  David Brock, found of Media Matters, gathered over 100 liberal donors at a high end resort in Florida to plan their attack of how to “kick Donald Trump’s ass.”

6/4/17: A video released a day after the Islamic terror attacks in London show a CNN crew staging a fake scene with Muslims holding signs saying “ISIS Will Lose”.

6/5/17: Yahoo posted a misleading, fake article headline stating "14 arrested, weapons seized at protest of pro-Trump rally in Portland".  However, the problem with this headline is that all of the 14 arrested were anti-Trump, liberal anarchists that came to the pro Trump rally to cause trouble. 

​6/8/17: CNN origianlly fakely reported that former FBI director (fired by President Trump) would dispute Trump's claim that Comey stated on three different ocassions Trump was never under investigation. CNN had to issue a correction.

6/8/17: Former FBI Director James Comey (fired by President Trump) said the New York Times reporting on President Donald Trump colluding with the Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign was “not true.”. It turned out NY Times fakely reported that story.

6/8/17: Ex-FBI chief Comey (fired by President Trump) stated, while testifying under oath, that many of the news stories about Russia are "just dead wrong".

6/15/17: The New York Times published a fake news editorial that linked the 2011 shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords in Tucson, Ariz., to a fund-raising email by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The Times did not offer an apology after making a "correction" due to many complaints.

6/15/17: A plethora of media outlets fakely reported "​Trump cancels whale and sea turtle protections". First off it was merely a proposal under President Obama that was never put in place. The fact is Trump actually had nothing to do with the decision not to move forward - it was a decision made by NOAA, for which Trump had yet to hire a director. This decision was based on a cost-benefit analysis by NOAA of the effectiveness of existing protections versus the perceived economic strain to fisheries were the additional protection mandated. Efforts to reduce whale and turtle bycatch has reduced associated deaths of these creatures to about 1 each per year, and the protection would have mandated that a fishery must close for a certain amount of time if 2 or more were caught. 

6/24/17: CNN deletes and retracts fake story linking Trump and Russia. CNN published a potentially explosive report involving an investigation of a Russian investment fund with potential ties to several associates of President Donald Trump. But the next moring, the story was removed from CNN’s website and all links were scrubbed from the network’s social media accounts. In fact three of CNN's employees was forced to resign after the debacle. 

6/27/17: Unbeleivably CNN once again was caught reporting fake news. This time Jim Acosta tweeted that President Trump didn’t actually see Steve Scalise when he and Melania visited the hospital on the night of the shooting". However problem was that Presidnet Trump did indeed visit Steve Scalise, the victim of a deranged left wing liberal shooter. 

9/1/17: CNN at it again. This time was caught staging their own rescue of a flood victim during Hurricane Harvey. 

9/2/17: CNN keeping consistent with their fake new reports, again uses Hurruicane Harvey to spread fake news. CNN's Zeleny said No "Empathy" from "Showman" Trump in his Texas visit and did not offer hugs, hope. However that could not be futher from the truth. President Trump recieved high praise from everyone across the board for being an effective leader during the crises. Trump even visited the hurricane victim evacuees in Houston Texans stadium (his second trip to Texas for the hurricane) serving food, giving hugs and kisses and taking countless photos from the people. During his first visit (making sure not to to take away resources from the relief efforts) cheered on the Texan people, held up the Texan flag and told everyone he was 100% behind them.

9/29/17: CNN, unable to control the urges of reporting fake news, was at it again. This time CNN analyst Ana Navarro tweeted and then deleted a fake image of NBA star LeBron James wearing a shirt with the middle finger on it that referred to President Trump as a “son of a b---h”.  She deleted the tweet after it had been shared and liked over 6,000 times and followed up with an apology.

10/6/17: New York Times columnist Paul Krugman tweeted then retracted a fake claim that cholera had been reported on Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Conservative websites, including Geraldo Rivera, came down hard on Krugman for his error, taking it as a case study of mainstream media spreading fake news.

​10/12/17: NBC reported a fake story that President Trump wanted to drastically increase U.S. nuclear arsenal by "tenfold". “Frankly, it’s disgusting the press is able to write whatever it wants to write and people should look into it,” Trump told reporters. “I never discussed increasing [the nuclear arsenal]. That is fake news by NBC, which gives a lot of fake news recently.”

10/12/17: The mainstream media reported yet another fake story claiming that President Trump wanted to fire the White House chief of staff John Kelly. Trump responded by calling him "one of the finest men" he knows and condemning the "fake news" media for reporting that he may be fired. "The Fake News is at it again, this time trying to hurt one of the finest people I know, General John Kelly, by saying he will soon be fired. This story is totally made up by the dishonest media.The Chief is doing a FANTASTIC job for me and, more importantly, for the USA!" Trump said on Twitter.