Unfortunately for several years prior to President Trump winning the Presidency, universities across America have been shutting down the first amendment of free speech. There have been countless incidents of conservative speakers chased off the stage, physically attacked or being disinvited just because the liberal student body and faculty disagreed with the conservative point of view. American universities has undoubetly been hijacked by the liberal agenda where no other point of view is even allowed to be heard without violent outburts, actions and riots by the left. During the Obama administration, the Department of Justice did nothing to protect free speech on campus. What will the Trump administration do to stop the war on free speech on American college campuses?

9/27/17: Jeff Sessions, the US Attorney General selected by President Trump vowed to aggressively crack down on political correctness at American universities, saying free speech was "under attack”. Mr Sessions indicated his Department of Justice would intervene on behalf of people who sue colleges claiming their constitutional rights to express their views were violated.

​9/27/17: Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a speech at Georgetown where he announced that the Dept Of Justice had submitted a Statement of Interest in one free-speech case and would submit others. 

10/4/17: The Trump administration has engaged itself in an ongoing investigation into admissions practices at Harvard University. he US Department of Justice suggested the investigation’s active status in a letter, dated Sept. 29, that was sent in response to a Freedom of Information Act request by a government watchdog group and a civil rights organization seeking records about investigations into admissions practices at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The FOIA request was made in August in response to reports that DOJ would be launching an investigation related to allegations of discrimination against Asian-American students.