​​​​​​​​     Trump Score Card


Donald Trump has followed through on a pledge to put together a diverse administration 

(below picks are subject to Senate confirmation). Courtesy of Fox News

Rex Tillerson- Secretary of State (CEO, Exxon Mobil)

Rick Perry- Secretary of Energy (Former Texas governor; former Texas agriculture commissioner, two-time presidential candidate)

Ryan Zinke- Secretary of Interior (U.S. representative, Montana; member of House Natural Resources Committee; former Navy SEAL)

James Mattis- Secretary of Defense (Retired Marine general; former commander of U.S. Central Command)

Steven Mnuchin- Secretary of Treasury (Trump campaign finance chairman; former Goldman Sachs partner; Hollywood producer)

Jeff Sessions- Attorney General (U.S. senator, Alabama)

Ben Carson- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (Former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital; 2016 candidate for president)

Wilbur Ross- Secretary of Commerce (Investor; former banker)

Tom Price- Secretary of Health and Human Services (U.S. representative, Georgia; chairman of House Budget Committee; orthopedic surgeon)

Betsy DeVos- Secretary of Education (Charter school advocate; philanthropist; Republican donor)

Elaine Chao- Secretary of Transportation (Former Labor secretary)

Nikki Haley- U.S. Ambassador to United Nations (Governor of South Carolina)

Andrew Puzder- Secretary of Labor (CEO, CKE Restaurants Inc.)

John Kelly- Secretary of Homeland Security (Retired Marine general; former commander of U.S. Southern Command)

Scott Pruitt- Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (Oklahoma attorney general; former state senator)

Mick Mulvaney- Director of Office of Management and Budget (U.S. representative, South Carolina; former South Carolina state senator and representative)

Linda McMahon- Administrator of the Small Business Administration (Former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment)

Robert Lighthizer- U.S. Trade Representative (Former deputy U.S. trade representative)

Reince Priebus- Chief of Staff (Chairman of Republican National Committee)

H.R. McMaster- National Security Adviser (Former head of the Army Capabilities Integration Center)

Stephen K. Bannon- Chief Strategist (Executive chairman of Breitbart News)

Donald McGahn-White House Counsel (Former member of the Federal Election Commission)

Kellyanne Conway-Counselor to the President (Former Trump campaign manager and senior adviser; pollster)

Sean Spicer- Press Secretary (Chief strategist and communications director, Republican National Committee)